Meet our team

Our team possesses a tremendous amount of experience and expertise from a variety of fields including construction, concrete science, material chemistry, process scale-up, commercialisation, process and systems engineering

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Dr. Sid Pourfalah
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
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Dr. Michael Wise
Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer
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Dalraj Nijjar
Co-founder & Chief Commercial Officer
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Dr. Aisling O’Loghlen
Chief Operational Officer
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Dr. Leah Matsinha
Surface Chemist
Open team member
Dr. Adam Day
Carbon Capture Chemist
Open team member
Phil Taylor
Carbon Capture Project Manager
Open team member
Dr. Aleksandra Gonciaruk
Adsorption Chemist
Open team member
Dr. Gareth Davies
Material Chemist
Open team member
Dr. Neda Kazemi
Open team member
Dr. Xin Liu
Carbon Capture Scientist
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Board of Directors

Alongside the 3 co-founders who sit on the board, Concrete4Change’s board includes:

Andrew Wordsworth
Andrew Wordsworth
Interim Chairman of Concrete4Change

Co-founder & Managing Partner at Sustainable Ventures

Advisory Panel

Professor Cheng-Gong Sun
Professor Cheng-Gong Sun
Associate Professor of Clean Energy Technologies

University of Nottingham

Professor Reyes Garcia
Professor Reyes Garcia
Assistant Professor in Structural Engineering

University of Warwick

Adam Osman
Financial Advisor - J.P. Morgan Asset Management

J.P. Morgan

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