Professor Christopher Hall

Emeritus Professor
"I find Concrete4Change's technology is highly interesting and at scale it can have significant impact in reducing the embodied carbon of concrete"

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Professor Hall's scientific interests are in the chemistry and physics of materials and geomaterials used in construction and oilfield engineering, and the application of several advanced experimental methods. He has worked extensively on capillary liquid transport in porous construction materials (NMR imaging methods, measurement of transport properties and modelling of capillary flow). At present, his research activities are in experimental methods for studying reactive transport and chemo-mechanical processes in complex inorganic materials such as rocks and cement-based materials. Recent work includes the development of synchrotron-based diffraction tomography; the application of scanning probe microscopy to mineral/water reactions; the hydrothermal chemistry of materials under deep borehole conditions; and engineering analysis and chemistry in archaeology and building conservation.

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