Enabling the construction & concrete industry to transition from CO2 emitters to CO2 sinks

We are developing a technology capable of  reducing the CO2 emissions of concrete up to 60%

Concrete, the most consumed material on Earth!

Our Vision: Net Zero Concerete

Concrete is the second most consumed material in the world (second only to water) and accounts for 8% of the global CO2e emissions. The permanent mineralisation of CO2 in concrete (sequestration) is used as a carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS) method. Concrete4Change Ltd. (C4C) aims to develop a technology capable of sequestration significant amounts of CO2 in concrete. This technology has the potential to mitigate 2 billion tonnes of CO2e emissions, the equivalent of 4% of global CO2e emissions.



Cementing our solution

The sequestration of CO2 into concrete results in enhancement of concrete strength; hence, reducing the amount of cement required to produce equivalent-strength concrete. Both CO2 sequestration and cement reduction can contribute to the reduction of the concrete’s CO2 footprint – up to 60%. 


We are working with a series of construction companies and universities developing our CCUS  technology.

Technology Application

Our C4C concrete technology can be used in structural, non-structural ready-mix and Pre-cast systems.

Temporary applications


Structural Applications


Precast application


Net-Zero Target

Using our technology concrete, pre-cast and cement manufacturers, contractors and developers can meet the 2030 and 2050 net-zero targets.

Market advantage

Our cost effective, innovative, environmentally friendly technology will enable you to win new businesses in the more stringently regulated, sustainability driven, construction industry.

Economic edge

Reducing the cost of concrete through direct cement reduction using the natural properties of CO2 sequestration.