We are developing Net-Zero Concrete Technology

Concrete4Change is developing novel technology for CO2 mineralisation into concrete, helping concrete manufacturers and the construction industry achieve net-zero.

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The problem
Concrete accounts for 8% of global CO2 emissions.
Angular concrete blocksCO2 emissions
Approximately 4 billion tonnes of cement are produced annually which creates 3 billion tonnes of CO2 per year, accounting for 8% of global CO2 emissions.

Presently, the concrete industry is relying on waste by products of other carbon intensive industries to reduce embodied carbon through using less traditional cement – these are not viable long-term solutions. These materials are quickly running out according to the UK government and can at best only displace 10% of the current global demand.

C4C exists to provide a solution to this, turning an emission problem into an emission solution.
The solution
About Us

The C4C Story

Our solution
the solution
Mineralise CO2.
Strengthen Concrete.
Reduce Costs.
C4C is developing an array of technologies that can create net-zero concrete at a cheaper cost, reducing the need for expensive materials and subsequently reducing harm to the planet as a result.

Utilising the full natural potential of concrete for the permanent storage of CO2, our technology will become the global standard for permanently storing and reducing embodied carbon for ready-mix and pre-cast concrete.
How Our Technology Works
Our technology
Concrete can naturally absorb CO2 - this process is known as carbonation, but it can never reach to full potential in nature. With C4C technology, we exploit this potential, enabling concrete to become the safest form of CO2 sink in the world. Even after the demolition of concrete, there is no leakage of CO2.
Our technology
the technology
Capturing and mineralising CO2 in Concrete
Our technology captures and utilises CO2 by mineralising it in concrete. We achieve this via a specially designed, proprietary and low-cost porous granular absorbent material, acting as a carrier for CO2, absorbing CO2 from industrial processes, and subsequently adding it to fresh concrete mixes. The approach results in uniform, well-controlled carbonation of concrete during curing, increasing its strength, and permanently locking up CO2.

Our technology makes concrete stronger and cheaper, whilst reducing embodied carbon. Providing a revolutionary solution to decarbonise the embodied carbon in the construction industry. Our mission is to help create more sustainable built environments to facilitate the lives of people around the world and help cities transition to net-zero and beyond.
Our technology
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Mitigate 2 Billion Tonnes Of CO2 by 2040.
With both CO2 sequestration and cement reduction, we dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of concrete, with our technologies under development having the potential to make concrete net-negative.
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