Concrete4Change raises £2.5 million Seed Round

Dalraj Nijjar
January 24, 2024

Concrete4Change is proud to announce that it has recently completed a seed investment round of £2.5 million (€3 million). The round was led by Zacua Ventures, an early-stage venture fund focused on the built environment and Counteract, a carbon removals focused venture fund, with participation from our existing investor GOLDBECK.

This brings the total investment raised to date to £4.5m including £1.5 million in grant funding. Concrete4Change will use the investment to scale its technology from the lab environment to pilot projects with some of the world’s leading concrete manufacturers, most notably GOLDBECK and SCG who are both existing strategic investors.

Our technology has the potential to revolutionise how CO2 is utilised in concrete. Concrete4Change has developed a novel proprietary technology that captures CO2 and mineralises it in concrete. CO2 is captured by Concrete4Change’s carrier material, and the loaded material is mixed in fresh concrete as an additive. The technology is applicable to any type of concrete and can be easily incorporated into existing supply chains. The CO2 is released in the concrete and permanently mineralised. The result is concrete that is not only stronger but becomes a CO2 sink that prevents any leak, even after demolition of the concrete.

Approximately four billion tonnes of cement is produced annually which creates three billion tonnes of CO2 per year, equating to 8% of global CO2 emissions. If nothing is done, then cement and concrete will likely become the leading cause of CO2 emissions by 2050. Utilising the CO2 generated from cement production, Concrete4Change’s technology can turn an emission problem into an emission solution.

Special thanks go to our new and existing investors for supporting our mission, and to the Concrete4Change team for their continual hard work and commitment.

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