Celia Rocton

Intern Chemist
“Growing global concerns over climate change are increasing the focus on sustainability therefore I am very excited to join the amazing Concrete4Change team and be part of the research looking into CO2 capture and storage in concrete."

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Celia is a high-performing Masters Level Chemistry Student with an international baccalaureate as well as completing A-levels Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics.. Her project at the University of Nottingham focuses on the characterisation of turbostratic carbons using adsorption isotherms. Turbostratic carbons are semi-ordered, graphitic materials which have a high degree of porosity, and are relatively simple to make. By virtue of their porosity, they can be useful materials for environmental applications like hydrogen storage or CO2 capture. Celia has deep interest within inorganic and physical chemistry, and is keen to develop her knowledge and expertise in cement chemistry and CO2 adsorption technologies.

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