Professor Reyes Garcia

Assistant Professor in Structural Engineering
"I was glad to support Concrete4Change from its earliest days. The vision behind the company is exciting, and it is truly a novel approach for decarbonising concrete, which is an area of growing research and practical importance"

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Professor Reyes Garcia is Assistant Professor in Structural Engineering at the University of Warwick (UK) and has 20+ years of research/consultancy experience in the fields of structural and low-carbon concretes, FRP composites for construction, and earthquake engineering. He has been heavily involved in management and coordination of multi-partner EU and Research Council-funded projects in excess of £10m. He has designed/coordinated large-scale shake table tests in large scale facilities in Europe (CEA Saclay, France; Iasi, Romania). He is also part of Eurocode-2 committees that oversee regulations and standards for concrete.

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