Dr. Pieter Bots

Senior Mineralogist
“As an earth science turned chemist, I am excited to use my experiences to make a real impact in sustainability at C4C.”

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Dr Pieter Bots is a geochemist, mineralogist and radiochemist with 14+ years of experience in academic research (including 30+ publications) in the dynamic fluid-interface and mineralogical processes that govern the solubility, mobility, and reactive transport of aqueous contaminants, critical metals and nutrients in natural and engineered aqueous environments. In addition to such fundamental research, they have also focused on the development and advancement of experimental protocols and how we analyse for such fundamental processes (including in-situ time resolved analytical procedures) at the molecular and nanoscale and how the respective results are interpreted and inform on and are incorporated into larger scale engineering strategies. At Concrete4Change, they will be leading and contributing to the development of characterisation methodologies to solve problems related to cement materials and minerals and the interaction of CO2 with these components.

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