Fiona Nielsen

"I began working with the C4C founding team a few years ago, and I've enjoyed supporting them with their challenges on how to best lay the foundations for a successful start-up. As a multiple time CEO and founder, I use my experience to guide the management team going forwards, helping them best navigate the journey"

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Fiona Nielsen, founder of DNAdigest and Repositive, is a bioinformatics scientist turned entrepreneur. At Illumina she was developing tools for interpretation of next-generation sequencing data and analysing cancer and FFPE samples sequenced on the latest technology. She founded DNAdigest as a charity to promote best practices for efficient and ethical data sharing - aligning the interests of patients and researchers across all genomics research, including cancer and rare diseases. In August 2014 Repositive Ltd was spun out of DNAdigest as a commercial entity to develop and provide a novel software tools and mechanisms for sharing of data. Under Fiona's leadership Repositive grew to be the biggest platform for preclinical CROs offering translational oncology models and services. The Repositive Cancer Model Platform served the biopharma community worldwide to speed up their sourcing of cancer models and ensuring confidence in selecting the right model for every study. In 2021 Fiona joined o2h group as COO of o2h technology and was promoted to CEO of o2h technology shortly thereafter. At o2h Fiona led the team of software developers, designers and business analysts to deliver software development projects from websites, to data management systems, to mobile apps for startups primarily in life sciences, health-tech and green-tech. Fiona joined Neurolentech in December 2022 on a part-time basis and joined as full-time CEO as of April 2023.

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