Dalraj Nijjar

Co-founder & Chief Commercial Officer
"The concrete industry is in need of solutions to decarbonise and reduce costs – with our technology, we co-create value with industry to solve the challenge."

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Dalraj is a commercialisation and growth-hacking expert with 5 years’ experience in early-stage climate-tech ventures. He has accelerated the commercialisation of 20 companies in the last 3 years, primarily focusing on decarbonisation of foundational industries. 4 reached the scale-up stage and Dalraj helped them raise £5 million in public and private funding. Dal led the Warwick Manufacturing Group Accelerator providing growth advisory including business development, business model and commercial scale-up support. He successfully has developed growth strategies for over 20 start-ups. Previously, Dalraj was an e-commerce start-up founder, marketing consultant to high-growth cloud services companies and analyst at IBM.

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