Dr. Othmane Bouchenafa

Carbon Capture Concrete Chemist
"A neutral carbon footprint for the construction sector is an absolute necessity if we want to keep our planet. Concrete4Change has some really innovative and effective solutions that could significantly impact addressing those issues. I'm excited to be part of it and see how these solutions will be implemented and the positive changes they will bring."

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Dr. Othmane BOUCHENAFA is a Concrete and cement chemistry specialist with 4 years of experience in low-carbon construction materials, materials processing and physiochemical characterisation of construction materials. He’s done his PhD in materials science at the University Paris-Est (France) about introducing a new mechanical activation process (Mechanosynthesis) in construction materials processing. His post-doctoral research focused on continuing to develop the mechanosynthesis process in clinker production to increase the electrification of clinker production. Before joining Concrete4Change, he worked as a Lecturer-researcher at ESTP Paris.

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