Professor Sid Pourfalah

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
"Sustainability has been my core passion for the last 20 years, and concrete has the potential to become the best form of CO2 sink in the world, even better than rainforests"

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Sid  is a chartered engineer from the institution of civil engineers. He has 21 years’ experience of innovative and sustainable design, including: research and development for contractors, design firms, construction manufacturers and academic institutes. Sid has built two successful start-ups managing multidisciplinary, large-scale projects (+£100M). He is an expert in the development and commercialisation of new sustainable building material technologies. He is currently a part time research fellow at the University of Sheffield, an honorary associate professor at the University of Warwick and is also the founder of Concrete4Change, a company that is tackling the climate crisis by reducing the carbon emissions of construction.

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