Concrete4Change - Startups 100 2023

Dalraj Nijjar
November 16, 2022

New year, a new award for Concrete4Change!

We're delighted to announce that we've been selected in the prestigious Startups 100 list by for 2023!

This index recognises the top 100 fastest growing and most innovative startups across all sectors in the UK.

Excitingly, Concrete4Change has also been chosen as the winner of the Sustainability award! Our company is focused on sustainability, and developing novel technology to reduce the emissions in the concrete industry, and it's fantastic to be recognised as a leader in the sustainability space.

The guest judge for the Sustainability Award was Rachel McClelland, of sustainable comms agency, planetSHINE.

Rachel said: “This could be a technology that has vast scalability. I think that the need is huge, as is the opportunity.”

After assessing multiple sustainability companies in the index, McClelland found selecting a winner a “hugely tough decision, as each brand has something incredibly compelling and unique.” In the end, Concrete4Change was first across the finish line. Our award-winning technology is guiding the global built environment into a net-zero future.

Rachel goes on to say that “The construction industry is in dire need of sustainable innovation. When you also consider a growing global population which will demand more housing, schools, and transport, Concrete4Change’s technology is in critical need. What a game changer!”

We'd like to thank the Startups 100 team for the recognition, and we look forward to continuing our progress in this new year.

To view the list in full and the profile for Concrete4Change, please click on the following link:

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