Goldbeck visit to Concrete4Change

Dalraj Nijjar
September 10, 2023

In late September, Concrete4Change was delighted to host colleagues from the GOLDBECK Innovation team to the C4C laboratory in Nottingham - showcasing the progress of technology , planning for future C4C technology deployment, and running lab scale tests in our lab.

GOLDBECK is Europe’s largest producer of pre-cast concrete and a leader in the field of commercial construction projects, being one of the most innovative and fastest growing companies in the industry, under the pioneering leadership of Jan-Hendrik Goldbeck.

GOLDBECK is also a strategic investor in Concrete4Change, and early adopter of Concrete4Change’s technology. During the first two days of the visit, The C4C team, demonstrated the in-house development capabilities, plans for the future and produced concrete cube samples for the GOLDBECK team to observe.

To conclude the visit, the C4C team visited GOLDBECK’s Birmingham office to connect with the management team based at the office.We thank GOLDBECK for their ongoing support for Concrete4Change, and we’re looking forward to continuing our close collaboration, working together to bring Concrete4Change’s technology to market and realising our technology's vast potential to reduce emissions in the concrete industry.

Special thanks goes to: Lukas Romanowski, Sha Yang, Dirk Steensma and the GOLDBECK family office.

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