Concrete4Change - Humble Heroes

Dalraj Nijjar
November 10, 2022

Concrete4Change is delighted to be highlighted as a key solution to tackling carbon emissions within the newly released book "Humble Heroes: Inspirational Stories of Hope, Heart and Humanity" - written by Ben Shephard, presenter of one of the UK’s most popular TV breakfast shows.

Humble Heroes celebrates everyday, remarkable lives and the stories behind people looking to make positive change. The emission problem in the concrete and construction industries is now well recognised, and to quote an excerpt from the book; "it makes me sleep a little better at night knowing there are people out there, like the team at Concrete4Change, who are using all their ingenuity to tackle the problem as it stands".

At Concrete4Change, we'll continue striving to be a leader in the decarbonisation of concrete, working with partners to create the true net-zero pathway for the industry.

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