Trial with Hanson-Heidelberg, Sisk and Panthera Group

March 11, 2022

Concrete4Change completed an industrial deployment with Sisk and Panthera Group using Hanson-Heidelberg as the supply chain for concrete. Hanson-Heidelberg is one of the largest concrete manufacturers in the EU & UK.  

Sisk is a large tier 1 EU construction company. C4C was introduced to Sisk by the CircularCity Accelerator in Ireland. Sisk was impressed by C4C technology and asked to run a trial with one of their subcontractors, Panthera Group.  

Panthera Group is a construction company in Ireland & UK who have developed a sustainable concrete based hoarding system for construction projects. In future, they are very interested in procuring low-emission concrete for their hoarding system. Currently they are using the alternative cementitious material in their concrete (GGBS) but the price of this material has in fact become more expensive than certain cements, therefore Panthera is very keen to explore utilising C4C technology in future.  

Upon finalising the scope of the deployment, C4C delivered the necessary amount of carrier to be used for 2 concrete moulds (1 tonne each). Hanson provided the concrete mix (80% GGBS/20% Cement type 1) that Panthera use for the hoarding system, therefore changing none of the variables. Panthera decided to mix the carrier manually with the concrete as it was being mixed into the moulds as it was fastest and most efficient method available given the resources available and scope of the trial.

Hanson-Heidelberg was present at the trial and took sample of the concrete, checking the workability of concrete. Hanson-Heidelberg took a sample of the concrete that was mixed with the C4C carrier and conducted testing over 28 days regarding rheology. R&D Manager of Hanson is very impressed by the C4C technology and quoted as saying that it can be a game changing method for decarbonisation and carbon sequestration in concrete for Hanson-Heidelberg – please see link below for video of the deployment trial:  

We are looking forward to conducting further deployment trials with Hanson-Heidelberg, Sisk and Panthera Group that build upon the successes and learnings from this trial.  

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