Trial with Goldbeck - October 2022

October 24, 2022

Concrete4Change has successfully completed a trial of its technology with Goldbeck at their central concrete production facility in Hamm, Germany. As well as being one of Concrete4Change’s investors, Goldbeck is a leader in the production of pre-cast concrete and the European commercial real-estate construction sector.

Our CEO Sid Pourfalah led the trial in conjunction with Dirk Steensma, Head of Concrete Technology at Goldbeck.

Goldbeck is a leading construction company in based in Germany, focusing primarily on the production of bespoke self-compacting pre-cast concrete for their construction projects. As an investor in Concrete4Change, Goldbeck is aiding the development and testing of C4C technology at scale. Currently, Goldbeck implement the use of substitute cementitious materials and lower emission cements to reduce the embodied carbon of their concrete. However, given the recent increases in price of these materials and the largely untapped scope for carbon removal via CO2 utilisation in concrete, Goldbeck sees great potential in C4C technology.

Upon finalising the scope of the deployment, C4C delivered the necessary amount of carrier to be used for two tests at the factory in Hamm. Goldbeck adopts a self-compacting concrete mix design utilising supplementary cementitious material, and the C4C carrier was added and subsequent adjustments made to the mix design to enable the desired rheology and concrete properties.

Goldbeck took a several samples of the concrete that was mixed with the C4C carrier and conducted a number of tests over 28 days regarding rheology and slump.

The Head of Concrete Technology at Goldbeck, Dirk Steensma was extremely impressed by the C4C technology and the high compatibility with Goldbeck concrete.

We are looking forward to conducting further deployment trials with Goldbeck that build upon the successes and learnings from this trial.  

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