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Concrete4Change Office/Lab (Nottingham Region)
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About us: 

Concrete4Change (C4C) is a R&D company that is developing a ground-breaking technology to utilise and permanently mineralise CO2 in concrete. 

C4C technology won a wide range of awards including the United Nations (UN) most innovative Net-Zero Technology Climate Challenge Cup at COP26 in Glasgow, Royal Academy of Engineering and UN SDG. C4C is partly owned by two of the largest concrete manufacturers in the World (Siam Cement Group and Goldbeck GmBH). C4C is running several projects in partnership with University of Nottingham, University of Sheffield & University of Leeds (total project value of £4M for 2023-2024). 


This position has a significant progress opportunity in a fast-growing team. You will be part of the core team to deliver the C4C milestones and directly contribute to C4C’s growth.

Please see the person specification and roles & responsibilities below: 


  • PhD in Chemistry.
  • Experience working with CO2 capture, recycling, reduction technologies/systems.
  • Experience in the synthesis and modification and full characterisation of functional materials.
  • Proven experience in managing and leading multidisciplinary R&D teams, including hiring, coaching, and performance management.
  • 5+ years experience in material/surface/formulation chemistry
  • Familiarity with intellectual property management, patent filings, and licensing agreements.
  • Extensive post PhD experience leading independent research, ability to design and conduct research addressing fundamental scientific questions
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively in a cross-functional environment and build effective relationships with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Understanding of laboratory setup, HSE requirements, experience in equipment specification development and procurement
  • Significant experience problem-solving and troubleshooting. Be able to identify issues, propose innovative solutions, and adapt experimental protocols to overcome challenges.
  • Demonstrable experience and deep understanding of characterisation methodology development of complex systems of organic and inorganic materials including polymers, and solid adsorbents
  • R&D experience in fields of adsorption, adsorbent design, separation technologies, catalyst, materials surface functionalisation, carbon capture, surface chemistry or polymer chemistry
  • Must have experience working in the UK or Europe (Ideally Germany, France, Spain or the Netherlands)


  • PI or co-PI on academic research projects or equivalent industrial experience.
  • Knowledge of funding mechanisms, grant applications, and collaboration opportunities within the R&D sector.
  • Experience in developing proposal/bid writing.
  • Experience in computational chemistry, analysis and simulation of synthetic materials
  • Experience in carbon capture utilisation and storage
  • Experience in patent writing and grant proposal development
  • Experience in the mineralisation of CO2 for various applications.
  • Understanding concrete and cement chemistry
  • Fluent in English and ideally one other European language (Priority, German, French or Spanish).

Roles & Responsibilities: 

  • Independent self-starter who can develop new technology areas that leverage existing capabilities and expertise, including CO2 adsorption.
  • Contribute to the C4C IPR for CO2 adsorption technologies.
  • Contribute to the funded grant project proposals – e.g. Innovate UK, European Innovation Council, UKRI, Horizon Europe.
  • Plan, procure and manage the chemical laboratory in line with regulations.
  • Research and Development: Lead research and development activities, including designing experiments, conducting laboratory-scale studies, and evaluating the performance of different materials and systems.
  • Innovative Solutions: Drive innovation in CO2 sorbent technologies by identifying new materials, processes, and methodologies to enhance sorption efficiency, selectivity, and capacity.
  • Team Leadership: manage a multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers working on the CO2 mineralisation in concrete. Provide technical guidance, mentorship, and support to team members to ensure project objectives are met.
  • Project Management: Develop project plans, set milestones, and manage resources effectively to deliver projects within scope, budget, and timeline. Monitor progress, identify potential issues, and implement corrective measures as needed.
  • Financial Planning: Collaborate with senior management to develop and manage the R&D budget. Provide input on resource requirements, cost estimates, and financial projections. Monitor and control project expenses to ensure optimal utilization of resources.
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation: Identify and assess potential risks and uncertainties associated with R&D projects. Develop mitigation strategies and contingency plans to minimize project risks and ensure successful outcomes.
  • Intellectual Property (IP) Management: Work closely with legal and IP teams to identify, protect, and manage intellectual property rights associated with CO2 adsorbent technologies. Collaborate on patent filings, licensing agreements, and IP strategy development.
  • Team Development: Foster a collaborative and inclusive work environment that encourages innovation, knowledge sharing, and professional growth. Implement performance management systems, provide regular feedback, and identify training and development opportunities for team members.
  • Compliance and Legal Policies: Stay updated with relevant laws, regulations, and company policies related to financial management, including budgeting, expense tracking, and financial reporting. Ensure compliance with internal controls and reporting requirements.
  • Documentation and Reporting: Prepare technical reports, scientific publications, and presentations to disseminate research findings internally and externally. Maintain accurate and comprehensive records of experimental data, methodologies, and results.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Engage with internal and external stakeholders, including senior management, investors, and regulatory bodies, to provide updates on R&D progress, financial performance, and strategic planning.


C4C is seeking people who want to do applied science, with the entrepreneurial spirit and use their skills to build a sustainable world. We offer typical employee benefits plus a share of what we will build together 

  • A unique opportunity to work with top universities in the UK 
  • An exciting opportunity to work with multi-billion dollar concrete companies 
  • A competitive flexible annual holiday entitlement
  • A pension scheme 
  • A competitive bonus upon achieving milestones 
  • Unrivalled career progression pathway
  • An interesting company social calendar.


  • Basic Salary + Car Allowance: £50,000 - £60,000
  • Share options: 0.3-0.6%

Start date and end date (approx.):

This is a permanent position and is available for immediate start. Flexible start date based on notice period.


Flexible working hours (full time)


Concrete4Change Office/Lab (Nottingham Region). Full-time working in office is required. Ability to commute to Nottingham is required.

Next Steps: 

To apply please send a copy of your CV and cover letter to with the job title in the subject line.

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