Dr. Xin Liu

Carbon Capture Scientist
"My passion for academic research in field of novel sorbent development has been longstanding. This area has the potential to revolutionise the current thinking and systems underpinning the world's movement to a carbon net-zero future. Working at Concrete4Change gives me the platform to exploit my research interests and foster the develop of leading edge technology that can make a positive impact on the world".

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Dr Xin Liu is a highly accomplished sorbent specialist with over 8 years of experience developing carbon capture sorbents. Prior to joining Concrete4Change, he was a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Nottingham developing advanced novel sorbents to efficiently and economically capture and transfer CO2 from industrial flue streams. He has also developed energy efficient insulation technology by utilisation of CO2 as well as Heat-driven Air Convection based Direct Air Capture System (ConDAC) powered by Nuclear Power plants. He holds PhD in Chemical Engineering from University of Nottingham as well as over 25 publications in the field of Carbon Capture and Utilisation and 2 patents.

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