Dr. Leah Matsinha

Surface Chemist
"I believe applying scientific knowledge is at the core of climate change mitigation. The capture and sequestering of CO2 into concrete is at the centre of our research at Concrete4Change and this is one step in the right direction towards sustainable concrete production."

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Leah has extensive knowledge and experience in synthetic chemistry and catalysis gained over a decade of academic research. Her PhD was awarded by the University of Cape Town and focused on the synthesis of transition metal complexes for various organic transformation reactions. She completed her postdoctoral research fellowship at the University of Johannesburg after which she was awarded the prestigious Future Leaders: African Independent Researcher (FLAIR) Fellowship by the Royal Society and the Arthur E. Martell Early Career Researcher Prize. Before joining Concrete4Change, Leah worked as a research fellow at the University of South Wales where she focused on synthesis of transition metal complexes for CO2 activation. She has published several research outputs in reputable peer-reviewed journals.

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